OPINION: Astrology Might Be a Bad Sign

Although astrology dates back thousands of years, today 70 percent of people read their horoscope and 51 percent of people value it’s advice according to a poll taken by The Conversation. However, it’s been proven that now our astrology signs don’t even match up with the present day alignment of the planets. So why do over half of people in numerous surveys still agree that their sign matches their personality?

Astrology is an unreliable way to lead our life, and even pressures people to act a certain way. Star signs tend categorize us into who we should be, instead  of giving us a deeper connection with the world.

Psychology has proved that conforming to a narrow set of ideas can decrease the probability of new ideas to being formed. Our society has a large effect on this. If everyone else agrees with an idea and follows it, that idea is less likely to be questioned or debated by others. So if one person believes that their astrological sign relates to them exactly, or predicts their future, another will be less likely to think otherwise. This may cause a decrease in individuality.

People also feel the need to be informed by correct information, and when in doubt, turn to others for correct information- whether it is correct or not. Since astrology dates back millions of years and has to do with the planets, many assume  that it has to be right. Especially when they read about their sign and it defines their actions in a situation exactly how they would react. However, these horoscope descriptions are very generalized and vague, so everyone is able to relate. They are made to reach everyone, and if a person read another’s sign description they could  likely relate to that one as well. For example, the word “sonder” is a general descriptive word for Pices.. Sonder means the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. However, anyone and everyone could have this thought cross through their mind.

Lastly, what month we were born cannot affect and define who we are. Parents could be a completely different sign than their child, while their children may resemble their personality almost exactly. Our signs may tell us we are more attracted to controlling people or less controlling people, however our parents or home life can determine that as well. Having a controlling parent growing up, could affect children to resent people that are controlling or end up feeling more comfort in someone that has a similar characteristic to a parent. The same idea applies for political views, foods, mannerisms and so much more. Yes, a sign may confirm our love of art compared to another signs’ love for math. Although this could be true, the influences in our lives are really what define us.

Astrology is always fun to dive into, but in the end it could not determine who we are the most compatible with or how we act at parties. All in all, so many other factors contribute to who we are as a person and how we develop, rather than Venus’ alignment with the sun. We are so much more than how we should act and what we should like. We are complex human beings with a wide range of feelings and don’t have the time to be a certain way in order to “fit in”.

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