Swim Team Back in the Pool

photos by Blakely Gibbs, Savannah Karas, Alana Bruni 

  The swim team had a handful of talented seniors leave last year, providing new opportunities for incoming team members. With spots to fill on the relay teams, especially, the Tigers encounter new challenges in the pool.

“The seniors last year were a big part of the team and, so, losing them impacted the team quite a bit,” sophomore Rafe Vickery said, “but we got a lot of new guys, and the girls won state last year, so we got a lot of new girls in the freshman class that will help.”

     Relays are a crucial part of the swim meets and to lose a big chunk of the seniors, new spots must be filled to try and make up those points. The task for the coaches is finding where everyone needs to go and what event everyone is best at to maximize the overall team score.

     “We’re having to redo a lot of our relays, because a lot of the seniors last year basically were the relays, so now we have to kind of figure out where everyone can best fit,” junior Kiara Bobb said.

     Already the team has found success with the boys winning at the Belton Invitational and the girls finishing in second.

     “I think it’s just all the interaction with the kids. We have a really neat group of kids this year and especially our team captains,” Head Coach Andrea McCarthy said. “The four team captains that we have, two guys and two girls, all seniors, and they’re just very conscientious, they’re all four very funny, and they all four help coach. They’re just a big part of the whole, making it very enjoyable for myself and Coach Clark this year.”

Written by Collin Spires

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