Q&A: Italian Foreign Exchange Student Alice Massara

photo by Adeline Furlow

Why did you decide to participate in a foreign exchange program?

Well, I’ve always loved to travel, and that was a big, big experience. I’ve always been afraid, like people will tell me, you know English, so you should try and do it, but I’ve always been very, very afraid, but then I started thinking about it, and I feel like when I really started thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to do that.

How is it different here than from Italy?

Everything is different, like school. Here you stay basically all day at school, and you do everything at school. You stay here for classes, and then you have electives, and then you have sports and clubs and stuff like that. We don’t have that. We just have, in the morning, classes, and then you go home and if you want to do something like a sport or something like that you have to find it on your own and organize it on your own. It’s not something that the school enrolls you in, so it’s really cool here.

What are some things you find interesting about Dripping Springs?

I feel like, here, the people are really welcoming, and there are some great opportunities. Everything is different, but in all [of] the United States it’s different. Here, people are really welcoming, and they want to know about you and where you’re from, and they want to talk. It’s just a little thing, but people in the hallways, if they see some shoes and they like it, they’ll say, ‘Oh, I like your shoes, and in Italy, it’s not like that. People just don’t talk to each other [that way].

What did you expect America to be like?

I expected it to be pretty much how it is, because I always see movies, and it’s always like high school is a big thing, school spirit, football games, and all this cool extracurricular stuff. So I expected it to be like that, but even if I expected it would be like, a big thing, it’s even better, because it’s important and people take you seriously. If you want to take a sport, people take you seriously, so yeah, I like it.

by Katie Haberman, Features Editor

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