A Hi-Step in the Right Direction

photo by Teagan Krewson      “A lot of people say we’re like a cult, actually,” junior Rylee Oldham said, as she looks out from the office window to the 40-odd girls laughing in unison and dancing in impeccable formation without missing a beat. She’s right – the girls are in perfect unison, almost creepily so.      The “cult” Oldham referred to is the … Continue reading A Hi-Step in the Right Direction

Tiger Daily News 10-17-18

Theatre’s first mainstage production of the year is Neil Simon’s “Rumors”.There are seven performances, and you’ll definitely want to see this more than once. Tickets are available at dshstheatre.com, and are $5 for students. Tickets to the Homecoming Football game are on sale in the Front Office Monday through Thursday of this week.  That is 4 Days to get your Tickets for the Homecoming Football … Continue reading Tiger Daily News 10-17-18

Varsity football does its job against LBJ

The varsity football team pulled through the game against LBJ with a 52-35 score, demonstrating dominance and the effort it takes to play tougher opponents. “It’s not just about you making the play. It’s about you doing your job,” head football coach Galen Zimmerman said. “Once we get used to the speed of the game, we play well as a unit.” The offense won with … Continue reading Varsity football does its job against LBJ

Throwback fashion is in fashion

photo by Vasi Bjeletich      High waisted mom jeans, thrifted tees, and checkered Vans have flooded the halls these first few months of the school year. As trends are shifting back to the days of disco and vibrant colors, students are adding their own twist.      Local clothing trends among teenagers remain popular and show many commonalities from person to person. Although many … Continue reading Throwback fashion is in fashion

Cross country teams qualify for regionals

photo by Gracie Johnson The boys cross country team finished 3rd and the girls won the district championships at Decker Lake on October 12. They encountered new district runners and a new course.  The team ultimately dominated these unknowns. “Each meet is interesting, because it presents its own different challenges,” Assistant Coach Travis Crain said. In the first meet of the season at Ranch Park, the … Continue reading Cross country teams qualify for regionals