HOSA sparks interest in health careers

     HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) is a club for teens who are interested in a future health profession, supplying them with knowledge and skills they may need to know.

     “HOSA is definitely a club that is worth your while,” junior club reporter, Eliana Glenn, said. “It’s so amazing that we have an opportunity like this at our school.”

     There is currently around 30,000 members joined with HOSA in Texas alone. Around the world there is around 200,000 members a part of HOSA.

     “There are no requirements for HOSA. We really encourage people who have any interest at all,” Glenn says, “It’s not a lot of commitment.”

HOSA benefits you not just through credit and a good looking college application but with knowledge of good life skills and experiences not everyone else gets the opportunity to have.

     “We have guest speakers that come and it looks really good to be in it,.” Club president junior Chloe Aguilar said. “We have a competition coming up in December, where you choose an event then you compete in it.”

     With the HOSA club competitions, students are given the opportunity to show other members what they have learned and how hard they have been working on learning this specific event.

     “It is a place where you can get a hands on experience and learn more about what it’s like to be a healthcare provider,” Glenn said, “We are an environment where we have all the student that are interested in being a health professional when they get older or really anything involving anything in the health field.”

     The HOSA club meets once or twice a month normally on Thursdays with the occasional extra meetings, and competitions some members may participate in.

     “I joined HOSA because I love science and I am planning on going into medicine,”  Treasurer sophomore Jonathan Bartling said. “I just wanted to see what different opportunities are available to me.”

Written by Evelyn Peterson, Staff Writer

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