Halloween Movie Binge List

The 90s film scene was astonished by this terrifying teen slasher-thriller film that dropped in late December of ‘96. Wes Craven’s “Scream” paved the road for the modern slasher style film that we see today.

The cinematic style of any Wes Craven film tends to leave the viewers on the edge of their seats. Craven has the ability to change the average viewer’s depiction of fiction and reality in such a drastic way that his films have been known to traumatize viewers.

The movie “Scream” is a tale about the sleepy, fictional town of Woodsboro and just like all horror films, there is a killer element (pun intended). The factor of a serial killer terrorizing local teens is perfectly executed by Craven.

He pushes the limits of what can be shown on screen in reference to blood and gore. The killer in the movie shows just how twisted and brilliant Craven’s mind is; the way he strategically maps out each step of the way is mind boggling. The film is a classic slasher flick that put all other previous films to shame. It’s a perfect film for a movie night this Halloween.

 This film is likely to make you shiver down to your core. Mark Flanagan’s “Hush” explores a disturbing scenario that could happen to almost anyone. The film has a unique story in a genre that seems to almost be out of ideas.

Flanagan, the same man that gave us the film “Oculus”, produced “Hush”, yet another great film in 2016. Flanagan not only has unique storylines but also unique film styles. He utilizes several different types of camera shots and beautiful color gradings to add an abundance of quality to his films. Flanagan has a way to find what scares the average person and attacks it perfectly.

“Hush” is a thriller-slasher film about a deaf woman named Maddie Young (played by Kate Siegel) living alone. When a psychopathic killer cuts the power to her secluded home in the woods and takes her cell phone, every decision she makes could mean life or death. As the film progresses, Maddie has to defend her home from the mad man loitering outside. The torment that the killer brings with him is petrifying to the viewer. The next time you’re home alone, and wanting a good scare, “Hush” is the film to watch.

Written by Andrew Spiegel, Staff Writer


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