Throwback fashion is in fashion

photo by Vasi Bjeletich

     High waisted mom jeans, thrifted tees, and checkered Vans have flooded the halls these first few months of the school year. As trends are shifting back to the days of disco and vibrant colors, students are adding their own twist.

     Local clothing trends among teenagers remain popular and show many commonalities from person to person. Although many trends are making a return this season, each individual maintains a personalized touch to their look even with the select stores to choose from in the area. For many teens this year, it’s in with the old and out with the new as sophomore Alyssa Nimocks comments on the checkered Vans and junior Allie Haberman thinks it’s “very retro.” However, senior Austin Dunn would rather settle with white shoes then go checkered.

     Now more than ever, as trends are going full circle, many teenagers are starting to thrift shop.

    “[I like to shop at] The Senior Center Thrift Shop, because it’s really cheap,” Haberman said. [There are] good finds.”

     Nimocks would rather thrift at Haute Exchange but ventures to boutiques, typically going to any store on Mercer street or Goody Two Shoes. However, Dunn is more about what a store has to offer and doesn’t mind where he goes whether it’s Goodwill or a name brand store. Many thrift stores are starting to carry old trends that are making their way back in addition to the clothes of 2018.

     As well as shopping at many popular stores, Nimocks can also relate to many other teenagers when it comes to scrunchies and tube tops similar to Haberman who can agree with wearing 80s inspired things that she knows everyone loves. However when it comes to an outfit colors matter a lot to her compared to Dunn who thinks other types of pants, such as plaid pants are really popular, especially with a simple shirt.

     Although each person’s style can differ, it seems that almost everyone is ready for big sweaters this fall Dunn says, and Haberman couldn’t agree more.

    “I love some big sweaters!”

Written by Jami Holms, Staff Writer

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