JROTC Trains Students for More Than Corps

     JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) is a club that offers a glimpse into what the military life would be like, holding their members to a higher standard than the other regular high school students.

     “The main purpose [of the club] is really to expose kids to what military life would be like,” senior and club founder Luke Jenkins said. “Our school does not have an actual ROTC program, so I sought to create one to try to give kids some exposure if they are interested in going into the service; if they aren’t after the club, at least they have the exposure to make that decision.”

     The club gets together every Wednesday, as well as some additional days depending on what activities or events are planned.

     “We do a lot of volunteering with the American Legion VFW,” Jenkins said. “Community service hours is a big thing. We also do team workouts, so you’ll stay in pretty good shape.”

      JROTC has set expectations to keep their members in line, just as the military would. If these expectations are ignored, there is a possibility of being dismissed from the club.

     “I would like everyone to have good grades, of course,” Jenkins said. “And something that would ruin any military career is any police involvement or drug affiliation, so that’s the first thing I ask.”

     In the JROTC, members are taught lessons and skills that not everybody gets to receive. These lessons could potentially be crucial under certain circumstances.

      “We have learned different military skills like first aid, some navigational tactics, as well as proper treatment of the flags,”  junior member Walter Berthelsen says.

      Students from freshman to the senior class can join JROTC at any time during the school year; the club welcomes anyone, at anytime, with open arms.

     “I would recommend starting early,” Berthelsen said. “But, it’s never too late to join.”

Written by Evelyn Peterson, Staff Writer

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