Homecoming on the Horizon

Homecoming is next Friday, Oct. 19 and spirit week kicks off Monday, in which students participate in spirit events leading up to the varsity football game against Lanier.    

“I definitely feel like I did enjoy homecoming preparation,” freshman Izzy Roske said. “That was always fun because even the teachers would participate, and I feel like it was really nice to get the community together for the whole school.”

Every year, students participate in themes on the week of Homecoming, in which each class chooses a theme for each day during that week; themes could vary from safari to space.

“I love spirit week leading up to Homecoming,” junior Jessica Schmok said, “because you get to dress up, and it changes the community and feeling at the school instead of a stereotypical school day.”  

The themed week and Homecoming parade are unique to Dripping Springs because they involve the community. The parade itself goes through Mercer street on Tuesday where a lot of the small town shops are located and then culminates in a community pep rally at Tiger stadium.

“The whole town comes to celebrate, and it’s fun going with your friends to see people at your school compete,” Schmok said. “It’s a special moment you get to experience with a  significant other or friends at a football game that only happens once a year.”

The Homecoming experience only happens once a year and students tend to ask a specific someone to have that experience with them. This is typically done through the giving of a mum or a homecoming proposal which can sometimes be quite expensive.

“I personally think they’re a waste of money, but if the certain someone wants me to, then I’ll buy it,” junior Jacob Pedersen said.

With or without an interest in the varsity football team, Homecoming is a large public event that is supported by many in the community.

“I really like seeing everyone I know at the football game,” Schmok said, “because even if there are people that don’t like football, they still make the mums and go there and enjoy.”

Written by Grey Patterson

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