Cross country makes splash in Corpus Christi

photo by Whitney Herrera

On September 22, the girls cross country team competed against a variety of schools at the Islander Splash meet in Corpus Christi. The varsity girls competed in the gold division, running 3 miles while the JV girls ran 2 miles.

“I had a lot of fun with the team,” freshman and JV runner Lucy Tyo said. “My favorite thing we did was definitely the games and the dances after a long day of racing.”

With humid temperatures and a highly competitive race, the JV girls team placed first overall out of 19 teams.

“As far as the course goes, it was pretty nice,” freshman and varsity runner Karsten Bobb said. “It was a bit muddy, and it felt long even though it was short because we had to do three loops.”

Although the varsity runners ran more and earlier in the morning, they finished in second place with 152 points out of 22 teams.

“If I could go back and change something about the race, I would have been more pumped up and gone out faster in the beginning,” varsity runner and freshman Marleena Mickel said. “I would have also finished stronger.”

The start and end of both races included a narrow and crowded path making it difficult for all runners to start out strong and pass up others at the end.

“The meet went pretty smoothly,” Bobb said. “I think they could have communicated a little better because several of us didn’t know that the awards were happening because we were watching the other teams run and it was not announced.”

The course was improved from the previous races to from circle style loops to a more zig-zag style. Parents and coaches stood by the sidelines cheering for their children or students telling them advice and how far they were into the race.

“The feeling when I was running in the meet was super pumped up,” Tyo said. “Running in the mud and getting everyone’s support when I was running by made me feel like I was in first place.”

Written by Sophia Portillo


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