College Fair Opens Students’ Eyes

photo by Cole Ary

The annual college fair was held on Thursday, September 27 in the A and B gyms. Students could gather information on a variety of colleges that set up tables with displays.

“I feel like it’s good to have an idea of what you could be doing in the next four or five years,” freshman Isabelle Roske said.

The fair provides students with a view into their future. The different tables of colleges providing pamphlets of information on their academic programs, sports, student bodies,

“There was one, Cottey College, that was an all girls college that I’d love to attend,” sophomore Mckayla Mellen said.

The fair is held over the course of a school day with students getting the chance to go at any time during the day, if their teacher allowed it, or at designated times starting with seniors at the beginning of the day and freshman at the end.

“It felt a bit crowded, and I feel like it got to the point where people were just going to the presentations to get the free candy or whatever each setup was offering,” junior Gabriel Peeples said.

Most colleges had long table covers displaying their names, symbols, and school colors. Along with the pamphlets, many colleges had bright displays with pictures, infographics, and even little trinkets for students to take, like pens or candy.

“If I don’t like how their table was set up, it kind of draws me away from them,” senior Mary Smith said.

The setup, collateral, and merchandise along with signage would hopefully draw students in so that the representatives could share information about the schools.

“I don’t remember the college, but they had a skull,” Mellen said, “which is freaking awesome.” 

Written by Ella Johnson

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