Student to pursue Arabic overseas

“The key to everything is determination.” In between pages of an Arabic textbook, this famous proverb may flit across the vision of its reader, inked in black and written in its root language. This reader is Addie Mae Villas, a sophomore accepted into an international program to study the foreign language. Each year, the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program selects a small … Continue reading Student to pursue Arabic overseas

Boys varsity golf ready for state

photos by Megan Nolley   The drought has been 30 years – a pressure that only sits on the passing breeze as the varsity boys golf team ignores everything outside of their mission – a trip to the state tournament.   Head Coach Jason Wahlers said the team is ready at this point in the season. They focus more on course-specific adjustments and “staying patient” … Continue reading Boys varsity golf ready for state

High Paying Creative Jobs

     Lots of people have notebooks filled with writing and drawings or are very good with imagining better and more stylish furniture while at their friend’s house. Well, this is all actually very centered around design, which is a field containing some high-paying jobs. This is an excellent outlet for creativity and not only that but an outlet that can earn you $90,000 a … Continue reading High Paying Creative Jobs

Prom fit for couples, friends alike

photos by Alexis Burch Walking into the venue, groups of people socialize and laugh with a unique kind of joy that prom creates in the eyes of happy high school couples and friends flying solo enjoying themselves in their fancy dresses and tuxes dancing the night away. “Prom is a cliche in a way. It’s not the prom itself that everyone wants to go to. … Continue reading Prom fit for couples, friends alike

The New Wave: The Joys of Music Streaming

Throughout my high school years, music has been on the forefront of my mind when I was studying, working, and even driving to school. It has been something that offered me peace in times of chaos, and made me joyful when I was upset. With all of this new technology, we are presented with opportunities like never before, especially with music. I started using Spotify, … Continue reading The New Wave: The Joys of Music Streaming