Foreign exchange student has unique perspective on American prom tradition

photo by Alexis Burch

Prom is the night dreamt about by so many high schoolers. It the most magical night of anyone’s high school career, a night taken out of the typical American high school movie. Everybody knows what prom is and how it’s the biggest night of the year.

But often we forget that prom is an American concept, not shared by foreigners. Junior Teodora Diamandescu is an exchange student from Romania, and she shares what it’s like to experience prom with no prior upbringing surrounding this American tradition.

“I remember last year when I was applying to the exchange program, and I saw the kids from last year, the exchange students, going to prom, and I was like ‘Oh, look, it’s like in the movies,” Diamandescu said.

Diamandescu is an exchange student through the program FLEX Romania and has seen pictures of prom from years past, but also relates it to parties Romanian seniors have at the end of their final year.

“We go somewhere close to the beach, to a place, and we eat and we dance. We have like here the dresses and partners and everything, but it starts close to 11 at night, and it ends close to 6 in the morning,” Diamandescu said.

Unlike in America, the Romanian party is not through the school but rather between the students.

“I think that before prom, we’ll go somewhere to eat, and then we’ll go there and everybody will be taking pictures and dancing, and we’ll have punch,” Diamandescu said.

Diamandescu was not completely out of the loop, for she stated that she had a boutonniere ready and a matching prom dress to her date.

“Prom was a lot of fun I would say,” she said. “I really loved it. It was a lot of dancing; that’s for sure. It was a lot of good food, but we didn’t have punch through, which is pretty disappointing.”

This year, the Dripping Springs Prom was held at the ATT Center.

“I think the dancing part [was the best]. It was a lot of just the popular, at-the-moment songs. It was many songs I didn’t know [and] that I didn’t hear before. But it was good music,” Diamandescu said.

She is fluent in three languages, including Romanian, French, and English, but loves American shows like The Flash, so much so that her prom date used it to ask her to prom.

“I thought that if you have a date or something, it was all going to be slow dancing and everything, but it was so diverse, so I also got to spend time with friends and with my date,” Diamandescu said.

This years prom’s theme was Enchanted Forest, created by the Class of 2019 sponsors, Sara-Jane Sheppard and Kara Kothmann.

“It was just so many people, and we just had a lot of fun. We didn’t really all of us know each other, but we just recognized somebody from a class, and we would start talking to them. It was a lot of fun,” Diamandescu said. “I got to experience all of this.”

Written by Cady Russell

prom infograph

by Angie Lepe-Silva

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