Prom fit for couples, friends alike

photos by Alexis Burch

Walking into the venue, groups of people socialize and laugh with a unique kind of joy that prom creates in the eyes of happy high school couples and friends flying solo enjoying themselves in their fancy dresses and tuxes dancing the night away.

“Prom is a cliche in a way. It’s not the prom itself that everyone wants to go to. It’s all about the preparations like getting your dress, getting your tux, getting the corsage and the boutineer, so it’s not usually about prom itself,” junior Grace Denny said.

Many high schoolers have different views on prom and whether or not they have to have a date or go with their significant other versus going with a group of friends and how that affects the experience of prom itself.

“It’s kind of one of the important ones,” junior Mariah Seydel said. “I feel like rocking prom with your friends by your side is going to be more fun than going with a date.”

Mariah at Prom
Junior Mariah Seydel

Across the nation, many teens don’t even worry about finding a date because to them it’s all about having a good time.

“[People] feel like that’s what labels them. They see it as if you don’t have a date then you’re lonely and you have no one,” Seydel said.

Many parents even pressure their teens to try and find a date for “the classic prom experience”.

“I’m going with my boyfriend so i’d probably rather go with a date because it’s more meaningful if it’s your boyfriend. I feel like there is a difference between a boyfriend and a date because it’s just a date and you’re going to just have someone to take pictures with,” Denny said.

Prom is a very expensive event and keeps getting more and more expensive with the dresses, makeup, nails, hair, limos, professional pictures, tuxedos, ties, and everything else prom related that claims to making prom even more special.

“Well, with friends [prom] is still just as fun, but you kind of lose some of the romantic aspect if you think prom is meant to be romantic,” Denny said.

Grace Denny at Prom
Junior Grace Denny with boyfriend senior Grant Stinson

Denny sees going with a date or a significant other as a way for high schoolers to figure themselves out, see who they can work with because of the stress and work of the preparations.

“I’ve seen that many people don’t look down on [going with friends],” Denny said. “A lot of people think it’s way more fun to incorporate an entire group even if some people are dating another person in that group. It’s a lot of fun to get a party bus or limo and go to prom but some other people think it’s snobby.”

Prom is a big event for many teens all over the world, especially America, so a lot of effort is put into preparations and finding the perfect people to go with so the night ends up being a better experience.

“With your friends, it’s more fun, and you can let loose, and it’s something you can have fun with and be yourself. With a date, you’re trying to impress and trying to be cute,” Seydel said.

Prom is individual to each person, and they can make their night how they would like it to be, especially because the school can’t force students to attend as well as have a say on who you bring or who your date is, unless it’s a freshman of course.

“I think, it’s important to experience the other side instead of going with friends, so I kind of understand why there is pressure to go with a guy because it’s more romantic and then you get the pictures and it’s like ‘oh my gosh you guys both look so cute together’ and you want that kind of feedback,” Grace Denny said. “[Though there is a risk of drama in a group of friends], it can still be the best night ever and you guys are dancing and making fools of yourselves.”

Dance Circle

Written by Kyndal Miethke

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