High Paying Creative Jobs

     Lots of people have notebooks filled with writing and drawings or are very good with imagining better and more stylish furniture while at their friend’s house. Well, this is all actually very centered around design, which is a field containing some high-paying jobs. This is an excellent outlet for creativity and not only that but an outlet that can earn you $90,000 a year.

     There are also so many different roles within the field of design. I’ll be talking about the three highest paying jobs in this field later. These jobs will give your artistic side something to thrive on while making you money.

    These highest salaries mentioned will require highly professional skills and maybe also some experience, but it’s still very practical to achieve, not to mention how unique and fun these careers can be.

     If this sounds like something that you could be interested in but you’re not confident in your skills, no need to worry! There are always opportunities and classes to help you learn.

Graphic Designer

     You might be most familiar with this title when you think about doing visual work. Graphic designer is a term that’s been around for decades to describe people who create mainly print designs, for everything from packaging labels to magazine ads.

     What makes this position different nowadays is all the tools and systems around to make creating visual assets infinitely easier—and more fun! And of course, many of today’s texts are the ones you read online so you’ll be designing for the digital space too.

Digital Designer

     In digital design, you’ll be creating web pages, websites, emails, infographics, icons, and more—all to get messages across on screen. This is a fantastic chance to turn your creative inspirations into practical ways of helping, for example, marketing, social media, and communication teams express their ideas or pass on information.

Visual Designer

     As a visual designer, you’ll put your keen eye to work to create a unified expression of the spirit of brands and products. Your goal is to make all the visual aspects fit together so you should feel at home with everything from print to photography and ready to turn your ideas into amazing visual experiences of all types.


     Animators, by hand, create cartoons for all sorts of different purposes. Cartoons can be created both in 2D and in 3D for presentations, entertainment, and much more. Knowledge of things such as Photoshop and animation tools like Flash is typically necessary for this job.

     There remains a multitude of opportunities for students to work on creative endeavors and still make a living. While some of these positions may be freelance or part-time, enough small businesses and large organizations exist such as Google and Dreamworks where full-time creativity is greatly sought after.

Dallas Johnson

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