Snoball into Summer

The whir of a machine crushing ice fills the air on a hot summer day, people surrounding a bright green trailer in anticipation for their own frozen treat. Out of the window comes a golden-yellow snoball drizzled with sweet cream, and an employee shouts out the name of the butterbeer-flavored icy delight as a smiling customer retrieves their order.

Across from DSHS and next to Whole Pets stands Voodoo Ice, a food trailer chock-full of New Orleans style shaved ice. Open from 3-7 from Tuesday until Friday and 12-7 on Saturdays (and 12-7 on each of those days in the summer), Voodoo Ice boasts a total of 56 flavors ranging from cherry to West of Weird. The trailer also sets up shop at special events, including Founder’s Day weekend.

“We don’t make snow cones,” Stacey Fletcher, owner of Voodoo Ice, said. “We make snoballs. Snow cones are made with crunchy ice, and premade syrups that sink to the bottom. Our ice comes from solid blocks and is shaved so thin it is fluffy like snow, and the flavor stays throughout the ice when poured on.”

Voodoo Ice offers four sizes ranging from doll to large, with prices starting at $2.50. They also provide three different categories of snoballs including standard, specialty, and gourmet, with gourmet flavors acting as the most extravagant.

“My favorite one to make is probably Unicorn because it’s really fun to put all the toppings on,” sophomore Lilly Fletcher said. “My favorite one [to eat] is probably Orchid Cream and Silver Fox, which is a really kind of simple flavor, it kind of tastes like melted ice cream, or Sweetart with sour spray.”

Syrup flavors can also be mixed, with up to four acting as the recommended highest amount. Offering flavors like strawberry, cherry, lemon drop, and spongebob, Voodoo Ice provides an endless array of choices for customers.

“We are New Orleans Style,” Stacey said. “What makes it that is our ice shaver and our flavors. Our syrups are all made in house using pure cane sugar.”

Aside from the wide array of syrup flavors, Voodoo Ice offers many different toppings and add-ins.

“We offer lots of topping like sweet cream, whipped cream, and tons of candies,” Stacey said. “You can even get a snoball stuffed with blue bell ice cream.”

Though they aren’t hiring as of now, Voodoo Ice employs several high school students. These workers run the trailer on weekends and during the summer, and are tasked with duties in all aspects of the business.

“I work during the summer, about four or five times a week,” sophomore Caroline Sprague said. “There’s really two parts of working there, there’s the cashier and the snow cone maker, and you have to be able to do either one.”

Specialty flavors are in high demand at Voodoo Ice. With multiple flavors and a variety of toppings on each one, these snoballs double as a pop of color on any hot day during the school year or summer vacation.

“We have many specialty flavors that you can only find here like West Of Weird, Love Potion #Lime, Bayou Baby, Hill Country Sunset, and many others, as well as our gourmet flavors,” Stacey said. “Our most popular flavors are Tiger Pride, Watermelon, Wedding Cake, Pina Colada, Butterbeer, and Cotton Candy.

Voodoo Ice can also be found on Instagram with the handle @voodooice and on Facebook.

“[We] wait on our wonderful customers with a smile,” Stacey said. “Quality product, unique flavors, great customer service, [and] locally owned.”


Written by Katie Haberman

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