The Spring Konstant robotics team qualifies for World Championship

This past weekend, The Spring Konstant qualified to attend the FIRST Robotics World Championship.

“After a disappointing Lubbock regional, where literally everything went wrong and the robot was beyond repair, The Spring Konstant worked extra weekends and evening hours at the school to prepare for the Alamo regional,” sponsor Marguerite Erickson said.  “Additionally, our business team revamped their entire presentation for the judges, putting in many additional extra hours of work as well.”
Gear Box Team - Hard at Work
By the end of qualification matches, the team was ranked 13th out of 51.  The team lost in the quarterfinals.
Qualification for the FIRST Robotics World Championship was determined at the the awards ceremony at the end of the contest. Two veteran awards qualify a team to attend.
“They are very prestigious, and very difficult to earn,” Erickson said.
Out of 44 teams competing for these two awards, The Spring Konstant was recognized with the Engineering Inspiration Award.  This award “celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community.”  The business team talked to no less than five sets of judges and were in the formal presentation room answering questions for 20 minutes.
Torsion - The Robot
“To put it in perspective, only one other FIRST robotics team in the entire history of the competition has ever had the combination of awards, wins, and honors that The Spring Konstant has had the past two years,” Erickson said.
The following students participated: Championships April 19-21):
  • Jacob Houssian (Driver)
  • Igor Derke (Operator)
  • Destry Dewitt (Coach)
  • Theodore Venter (Human Player)
  • Ian Stinson (Field Technician)
  • Connor Mayer (Pit Lead)
  • Reid Lohman (Pit Crew)
  • Seth Crane (Pit Crew)
  • Cael Uzuanis (Pit Crew)
  • Kamal Turner (Pit Crew)
  • Jakob Peslak (Pit Crew)
  • Drew Wilson (Pit Crew)
  • Bryce Johnson (Pit Crew)
  • Spencer Currey (Pit Crew)
  • Riley Borneman (Pit Crew)
  • Mohammad Manekia (Pit Crew)
  • John Yim (Pit Crew)
  • Ryan Gahagan (Programming)
  • Jake Bryant (Programming)
  • Andrea Benitez (Gear Box Team)
  • Annette Ashby (Gear Box Team)
  • Andrew Muegel (Gear Box Team)
  • Jack Rodrigue (Strategy – Alliance Captain)
  • David Pieper (Strategy)
  • Kendrick Lemmond (Strategy)
  • Johnny Dollard (Strategy)
  • Pamela Lohman (Scout)
  • Ben Valle (Scout)
  • Joe LaRock (Scout)
  • Ayush Srivastava (Scout)
  • Noah Del Angel (Business Team)
  • Connell Gutierrez (Business Team)
  • Alyssa Ordway (Business Team)
  • Amy Green (Business Team – Tech)
  • Jack Perry (Business Team)
  • Jack Cook (Business Team)
  • Sebastian Warder (Business Team)
  • Austin Elias (Business Team)
  • Torsion (the robot)

The FIRST Robotics World Championship is April 19-21.

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