Students compete in new auto engine build competition

A five member team, including Harley Stover, Tyler Austin, Garrett Parsons, Ryan Moers, and Ian Bottoms, competed in the school’s first engine building competition where the students were timed taking a Chevy 350 engine apart and putting every component back together.

“This was a complete engine, meaning that if you added gasoline and a battery it would start and run,”  Jason Massey, sponsor and auto tech teacher, said.

The team’s morning qualifying time was 2:16:37.  The team came back in the afternoon and earned a time of 1:16:42 – the new school record.
“This amazed almost everyone in attendance,” Massey said. “They improved by 50 minutes. Our goal is to cut our time to less than 30 minutes.  This will allow us to compete at SEMA or PRI in a national event for $50,000 in scholarship money per team.” 

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