Softball, Baseball in Full Swing

The Spring sports season has officially kicked off as both the baseball and softball teams at Dripping Springs High School have begun their annual season. Scrimmages have ended and the first round of district is in sight. With basketball, wrestling, and other sports ending baseball and softball have gained the spotlight.

“It’s cool to be the sport that everyone is talking about right now. During this time of the year, baseball is definitely the topic of discussion,” sophomore Zach Tjelmeland said.

With this spotlight, players realize the additional pressure.

“Everyone watches and pays attention, so one little mistake could go a long ways in playing time and how other people and players see you,” sophomore Ryleigh Needham said.

One Dripping Springs softball player, a commit to the University of Texas has relished the spotlight and connects her dedication to and time with the Dripping Springs softball program to her future.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities and that definitely helps with the success that I’ve had so far,” Junior Camille Corona said.

Many driving forces go into this year-to-year success produced by the softball and baseball departments but the programs’ determination might be the Holy Grail.

“My life is pretty much devoted to baseball at this point. I work on my game whenever I can, and the whole team goes hard both in practice and in games,” senior Pete D’Alessandro said.

This determination can only go so far, however, as the teams face roadblocks.

“Sometimes, there are some scuffles,” sophomore Garrett Kane said. “People get so into games and practices and they let their emotions get the best of them.”

Resilience prevails, however, as the heart of the teams at Dripping Springs High School are prominent. 

“We’re always there for each other,. We carry ourselves as a unit everywhere, whether that be on the field or off the field,” senior Danielle Northrup said.

This chemistry that has been produced by the Dripping Springs community helps the players have a great relationship with each other.

“We’re all friends,” junior Ty Kaatz said, “It’s easier to get through the rough spots in games and practices when you’ve got life-long friends all around you.”

Baseball and softball are truly mental sports. Players have said that being down in a count or closing a game can be some of the most intimidating moments that they may ever feel, and they are amplified by booming crowds and bitter rivals.

“Things can get intense. My team and I have been in a lot of games where all the pressure in the world is crushing you,” sophomore Matt Gustafson said.

Composure is expected, however, as players have learned to find an even-keeled approach to games that help them in the long run.

“I try to stay relaxed,” Corona said. “I don’t want to show other teams that I’m anxious at any moment.”

With the season underway for both Tiger baseball and Tiger softball, you can expect many things: hard-fought games, thrilling victories, and extended runs into their respective playoffs.

“We’re going to be good, without a doubt,” senior Curt Raymond said. “Be ready for us come May.”

Written By Rigley Willis

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