Thoughts and Prayers: Is it Enough?

The recent events in Parkland, Florida can be described as many words: devastating, heartbreaking, cruel, evil, horrific. The list could go on and on. In early February we were reminded yet again just how quick detrimental events can happen, and that our time on Earth isn’t always guaranteed.  This is the kind of event that makes your heart hurt. It’s the kind of thing that … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers: Is it Enough?

Tiger Daily News 3-21-18

Friday is the last day to register for the student councel dodgeball tournament. If you have any questions, talk to Mr. Lemmings. 2. Unified Champions is a new class next year. The class will be open to students with and without disabilities working together to participate in school-wide awareness projects as well as to participate in sports together, both during class and during Special Olympics … Continue reading Tiger Daily News 3-21-18