Tiger Cry Yearbook Wins 1st Place, Best Overall Sports Coverage from ASPA

The American Scholastic Press Association awarded the 2017 Tiger Cry yearbook “One & Only” First Place and Best Overall Sports Coverage for the 2016-2017 school year.

“It is with continuing and great pleasure that we announce the winners of the AMERICAN SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION’S Annual Review and Contest Awards for scholastic yearbooks, magazines and other publications. We applaud all members for their dedication and concern for the improvement of their publications.”

850 – 1000 ………………. FIRST PLACE
700 – 849 ………………. SECOND PLACE
500 – 699 ………………. THIRD PLACE

With a score of 885, the Tiger Cry yearbook was the only Central Texas high school with enrollment between 1701-2500 to receive the First Place distinction and the only school nationwide to receive the special category award in Overall Sports Coverage.

Ashleigh McCoy, sports editor; Alexis Burch, clubs editor; Catalina Sanchez, editor-in-chief; Veronica Lopez, student life editor

The 2018 Tiger Cry yearbook is currently on sale at smart-pay.com

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