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A Year in Review: Shows to Remember

2017 has been one of the best years for television and streaming to date. With Netflix reaching over 100 million subscribers, binge-watching was at an all time high. Highly anticipated seasons were released and brand new ones raked in huge profits. The following are eight of the most talked about shows in 2017:

1.Game of Thrones – Season 7: 

Game of Thrones first took the world by storm in 2011 with the release of its first season. The fantasy drama is based on the epic fantasy novel series, A Song of Fire and Ice, written by George R. R. Martin and is set in a fantasy world full of swords, magic, and dragons. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons has become one of the most popular TV characters of all time.

2. Stranger Things – Season 2

Stranger_Things_logoThe second season of the Netflix original was highly anticipated after last summer’s release of the first season. Stranger Things falls into the sci-fi horror category and is well known for its 80’s throwback vibe and pop culture references. The second season further delves into Eleven’s family and is unique in its storytelling. The show was attributed for Netflix’s record best $2.15 billion in revenue, a jump of 36 percent over last year and 3.6 million new subscribers, easily besting the 2.3 million it had projected

3. Black MirrorLogo_Black_Mirror_Netflix

Though Black Mirror was not released in 2017, San Junipero won two Emmys, the Outstanding TV Movie and Outstanding Writing for a TV Movie. The 80’s proved to be a popular setting this year as San Junipero followed the trend with neon lights and big glasses. While Black Mirror is known for its bleak view of society and human nature, this episode was rather hopeful which may have propelled its success.

4. Riverdale – Season 2

Riverdale captured audiences with its bright pop art cinematography and Scooby Doo-esque teen mystery. Season Two is no different, beginning with a murder and quickly spiraling out into something much larger, a serial killer with a hatred for sin. The show retains its neon pastel aesthetic and is well known for its style.

5. American Horror Story – Season 7

American Horror Story’s newest season was highly controversial, both socially and politically. Each episode followed the progression of a cult led by Kai Anderson. Kai is an extremist Trump-supporter who believes in rule by fear. The show took a lot of heat from conservatives and was highly criticized for its “unfair” representation of Trump-supporters, but producers argued that it is a show meant to scare people, not to accurately represent all aspects of life. One consistency this season was the incorporation of easter eggs from previous seasons and a variety of different real murder and horror references.

6. 13 Reasons Why13.jpg

13 Reasons Why was another highly controversial show released in 2017. Hannah Baker tells her story through cassette tapes, relaying the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. The show is based on the book “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, and is deeply emotional and at times hard to watch for its raw, and unfiltered content. Critics and parents alike argued that the show glorified suicide and presented it as a valid option. While the intent of the show was good, highlighting important issues such as mental health, rape and the importance of kindness, it was carried out in a sloppy way leaving room for messy and dangerous interpretations.

Written by Clara Comparan

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