Youth and Government Qualifies for State

Front Row: Rachel King, Natalie Chavez, Gabrielle Avena, McKayla Mellen, Ashleigh McCoy, Addie Mae Villas, Sydney Morriss, Tyler Hauger, Caitlin Rinehart; Back Row: Mr. Bixby, Gabriel Ybarra, Gabe Peeples, Christopher Gearing, Kiara Bobb, Griffen Smith, Gillian Bynum, Qasim Aziz, Ethan French, Mrs. Ybarra
The following students competed at District Youth and Government competition on Nov. 11 and secured spots for the state competition in January.  They are also contenders for the title of Premiere School based on the number of students qualified for state.
– District Court

Judicial Team Qasim Aziz/Ethan French (Attorneys)

Emma Gell, Gillian Bynum, Caitlin Rinehart (Witnesses)
– County Court
Judicial Team Christopher Gearing/Gabriel Ybarra (Attorneys)
Gabe Peeples, Kiara Bobb, Gabrielle Avena, McKayla Mellen, Natalie Chavez (Witnesses)
-Broadcast Media
District 1st place Rachel King,
District 2nd place Sydney Morriss

Griffen Smith placed 3rd secured a seat in  the Senate
Addie Villas secured a seat in the House
Ashleigh McCoy secured a seat in Hyde Senate
Tyler Hauger secured a seat in Hyde House

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