Dressing for the Cause

Photo By Rachel Ruquet, http://www.unsplash.com 

The Critical Mass club will be participating in a fundraiser this December to raise money for a foundation called Dressember that was created to help put a stop to sex trafficking.

“Sex trafficking is, of course, a major issue, and Critical Mass is working to make an impact within our community,” club historian Cassie Martin said.

Dressember was founded in 2013 and has raised over $3 million since to spread awareness and end slavery and sex trafficking around the world.

“Dressember is a physical representation of the fight against modern-day slavery and sex trafficking,” club member Katie Haberman said.

Dressember prides itself on rescuing victims of sex trafficking, serving justice against traffickers, and restoring the lives of sex trafficking victims.

“Sex trafficking is a global issue that is still sensitive for some to talk about,” Martin said. “It is happening to women and many young girls across the world and is an issue that we need to work towards ending.”

Students within the Critical Mass club are pledging to wear a dress every day of December to raise awareness and donations for this cause.

“Usually a dress symbolizes feminine fragility, which is a stereotype the foundation is working towards breaking by reclaiming the dress,” Martin said.

Members of the Dripping Springs community can contribute to the cause by either donating to or joining the dressember movement.

“All you need to do is wear a dress,” Haberman said. “It doesn’t matter what length, color, or style, as long as it stands for freedom amongst those who have lost theirs.”

Written by Tessa Stigler, Staff Writer

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