Fall Fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”

Photo by Pete Bellis

Autumn means a lot of things to the fashion community. As the seasons transform, so do our styles, and as the temperature changes, so do our clothes.

Some of the main colors this season are drawn from the changing leaves around us. That means lots of red, orange, yellow, and brown.

Darker themes are a very welcome change to the bright patterns of summer. Something else that hasn’t been seen since last winter are suede and velvet fabrics that should be very commonplace soon. That could be in shoes, shirts, skirts, or bags.

Denim, is of course, timeless and more seasonal now than ever. The typical dark blue denim are the perfect bottom half to your casual fall outfit.

If you have a natural affection for the brighter spectrum of colors, then October was the month for you!

Orange, purple, and light green were popping, but as November begins the colors tend to cool down right along with the temperature. That means more dark, earthy, and warm colors that can be found around your festive Thanksgiving meal.

It’s important to remember that autumn is its very own season and we shouldn’t bust out the winter fashions too early.

These two seasons tend to meld together so it can be confusing, but autumn, as a fashion period, should be savored because it’s the best of both worlds and encapsulates both winter and summer supremely.

It has the comfortable and cozy vibes from winter, while still keeping the some of the toned down warm colors from summer.

Stay warm!

Written By Dallas Johnson

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