Opinion: Men and Eating Disorders – a Deadly Duo

Most of the time when people scroll through Instagram or the online news, they see stories about females with eating disorders, or significant weight loss due to bulimia or anorexia. Never does the audience really witness anything about a male with these eating disorders. Men with eating disorders remain underdiagnosed, undertreated, and underreported in the news and on social media. A study reported 25% of … Continue reading Opinion: Men and Eating Disorders – a Deadly Duo

Youth and Government Qualifies for State

Front Row: Rachel King, Natalie Chavez, Gabrielle Avena, McKayla Mellen, Ashleigh McCoy, Addie Mae Villas, Sydney Morriss, Tyler Hauger, Caitlin Rinehart; Back Row: Mr. Bixby, Gabriel Ybarra, Gabe Peeples, Christopher Gearing, Kiara Bobb, Griffen Smith, Gillian Bynum, Qasim Aziz, Ethan French, Mrs. Ybarra The following students competed at District Youth and Government competition on Nov. 11 and secured spots for the state competition in January.  … Continue reading Youth and Government Qualifies for State

Mentally, eleven is the new fifteen

Many kids today rush through their childhood. More and more tweens and elementary students are presenting teenager behaviors. Ninth and tenth grade used to be the primary grade where you would start seeing risky teenage behaviors, but now even that stigma has changed. As a result, this is increasing the threat of emotional and mental issues, stress, and frustration between the child, their peers, and … Continue reading Mentally, eleven is the new fifteen

Dressing for the Cause

Photo By Rachel Ruquet, http://www.unsplash.com  The Critical Mass club will be participating in a fundraiser this December to raise money for a foundation called Dressember that was created to help put a stop to sex trafficking. “Sex trafficking is, of course, a major issue, and Critical Mass is working to make an impact within our community,” club historian Cassie Martin said. Dressember was founded in 2013 … Continue reading Dressing for the Cause

Dripping Welcomes Youth Men’s Service League

If you are a high school sophomore or freshman, you are currently eligible to join the new Young Men’s Service League. The Young Men’s Service League, or YMSL, is a nationally recognized non-profit organization founded in the hopes of teaching young boys important life lessons and values, help the local community through philanthropy and leadership, and strengthening the bond between club members and their mothers. … Continue reading Dripping Welcomes Youth Men’s Service League