Critical Mass Club to Attend Austin Pride

Critical Mass, a club dedicated to forming a safe space for LGBT students, is attending the Austin Pride Parade on September 30.

“Last year we registered a group of about 20 in Critical Mass that went. We had on brightly colored costumes and threw out candy,” Rachael Koske, sponsor of Critical Mass, said.

She explained that they had applied to march at the parade late last year and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“Two drag queens had a dance battle right next to me. It was really cool,” sophomore Caroline Sprague, a student who attended last year, said.

She pointed out that the parade felt colorful and the atmosphere surrounding it was entertaining.

“Last year my mom didn’t let me go because of the Orlando attacks, but you just can’t be scared of these things,” sophomore Allie Haberman, a member of Critical Mass, said.

In spite of recent fatal attacks such as the Pulse shooting at Orlando and the rally at Charlottesville, the members of Critical Mass are excited to attend the parade.

“My friend is gay, and it’s just been a very hard time for her. I’m going in support of all the trials she’s been through,” sophomore Katie Haberman, a member of Critical Mass, said.

She pointed out that by attending the parade she’s supporting her friend, even if she isn’t gay herself.

“I think most teachers want their students to be able to live as they are,” Koske said. “The parade helps students feel safe and supported for who they are.”

Written by Madeline Tredway

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