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Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a senior ready to graduate, choosing the right extracurriculars takes careful selection and enough knowledge to make those choices. Looking at a list of clubs, it’s hard to decipher what some of these groups stand for, let alone if you’re interests even lie with them. However, most clubs, if not all, wholeheartedly welcome any members willing to join.

“I was just looking at all the clubs this school offered ‘cause I just wanted to be more involved,” junior Samantha Wells said. “I thought that [rock climbing club] sounded like a super fun one, and that it would be a really great opportunity to join.” A fairly new addition to the DSHS club roster, the rock climbing club accepts students of all levels of experience, and doubles as a great outdoor activity.

Acting as a more academically focused group, HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) is a medical field driven club that competes in UIL-esque events, puts on blood drives and food drives, and brings awareness to new medical advances while teaching students how to help in the real world. “You’re surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people and the competitions are super fun,” senior Liliana Reyes said. “But that’s not even a requirement, it can just be fun morning meeting.”

“A lot of people think [dating violence] is just a joke, but it’s really not,” junior Sarah Khan said. “It’s a lot of people’s real lives.” The Dating Violence Board, a group set on raising awareness for the local women’s shelter, also puts on events like mock trials, as well as giving its members a feel for how the court works.

Of course, classic clubs like Thespians are in full swing too. Thespian Society, a club focusing on theatre and technical theatre, opens its doors to anyone willing to participate in fundraisers, Comedy Cabaret, Texas Thespian Festival, and many more theatrical opportunities. “Honestly, I feel like a part of it is really to bring people together,” junior Natalie L’Amoreaux said. “Kind of, keep us together as a family.”

Written by Katie Haberman, Staff Writer

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What it’s about: Fashion Club celebrates everyone’s personal style and encourages expression  in a fashion setting.

President Grayson Ruiz:

   “I’m so excited to start this club up again and bring it to the school. Fashion is such an important part of our daily lives.” 

     We are not encouraging everyone to dress well all the time, however; we are encouaging self expression through fashion and for the people in our club to dress in the ways they feel comfortable.

     We hope to bring insightful clothing ideas to the Dripping Springs community and the high school as a whole, and we hope to sponsor a coat drive later in the year. We want this club to be a tight knit group, because that way, we are all really getting to know each other on a personal level, and we can confidently make decisions about the future of the club.”         


Radio Team

What it’s about: The podcasting club gives students a chance to produce and edit their own podcasts on topics of their choosing.

President Ben Turbow:

“In podcasting, I hope to have people that are not afraid  to edit material. 

I really want  this to be kind of an extension of the broadcast class and program we have going on already, because I feel like not a lot of people know that there is a broadcasting class, and since it’s only offered fourth period on A days, it can give kids another chance to take it and meet to learn about podcasting and the time and means to create content. 

I think this would be a great chance to display how DSHS students can create content and how we can talk about things.

I want to offer a platform that portrays a different perspective on various topics.”


Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.09.38 PMWhat it’s about: Rock Climbing allows students to climb or boulder at climbing gyms or outdoors.

President  Danner Hutchison:

“We usually climb at a place called Crux (which is downtown).

We get a group discount, and then afterwards we eat Torchy’s. It’s so much fun and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of.

I think it’s a great club for our school because it’s a great way for pretty much anybody to stay active. You’re conquering your fears too. 

We are growing the sport of climbing in Dripping, educating people on belay technique, and providing a safe past time.

Our plan is to do some outdoor trips, and we recently got a teacher sponsor who is certified to teach climbing.”



What it’s about: Young Women’s Clubcelebrates the power and leadership that women have all around DSHS and the world.

President Gwyneth Pietrzyk:

“This club aspires to change what feminism means to the Dripping Springs community; we describe it as gender equality. 

Although this club does promote feminist ideas, our biggest goal is to inspire confidence and independece in the women and in men who live in or near Dripping Springs.

We want to empower students to graduate high school with a good head on their shoulders and equip them with the tools needed to be successful in their lives.

I see this club as being a catalyst for empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves. 

This year, we will have a potential fundraiser and ‘coffee talks’ that can range from topic discussions about self love to guest speakers.”

by Grayson Ruiz and Dallas Johnson


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