Photography Students Help Restore Damaged Family Photos of Flood Victims

Over three weeks, students meticulously doctored the pixels on old, damaged images that held special sentimental value to people affected by a devastating natural disaster – the 2015 overflowing of the Blanco River that runs through nearby Wimberley and into San Marcos. The journalism and photography teacher, Jessica Stamp, posted to the Wimberley Flood 2015 and San Marcos, TX Flood Info pages on Facebook offering … Continue reading Photography Students Help Restore Damaged Family Photos of Flood Victims

Students Tackle Finals, Stress in Varying Environment

Each student has a unique opinion on the things they experience at school, with personal complaints and accolades often becoming more amplified as the year wraps up and the allure of summer vacation draws closer. In this past year, students at DSHS have experienced numerous changes, including a revolutionary shift to block scheduling and the construction of a massive new athletics stadium. Established policies have … Continue reading Students Tackle Finals, Stress in Varying Environment

U.S. History Students Unveil Exhibit

The U.S. History students in Ms. Tennison’s classes created a permanent exhibit of newspaper and magazine articles chronicling the impactful moments, movements, and time periods in American History. They presented their project to administrators, teachers, parents and other students, explaining the significance of the coverage of certain events and their influence on present day life. The heavy piece of wood with affixed pages will remain … Continue reading U.S. History Students Unveil Exhibit

Yearbook Distribution 5/23-5/24

The 2017 yearbooks will be distributed Tues. – Wed. May 23-24 before and after school and during lunches in the hallway across from the nurse’s office near the attendance office. Signs will be posted to guide students. The yearbook order deadline was April 7. Any student purchasing before the deadline can pick up their yearbook, supplement, complimentary literary magazine The Meraki, and any additional options … Continue reading Yearbook Distribution 5/23-5/24

Tiger Daily News 5-18

HEY SENIORS:You are given one free Official transcript after graduation.Your college will require a final transcript showing graduation date and final grades.BUT YOU MUST LET them KNOW WHAT SCHOOL TO SEND IT TOO!!OR They can mail your free transcript to your home (and YOU can send it to your school) Please complete a Senior Final Transcript Request form and turn into Mrs. Sams in the … Continue reading Tiger Daily News 5-18