Hi-Stepper Officers Surmount Try-outs

photo by Taylor Arvidson

Many sports teams and organizations spend time during the Spring deciding who will lead the group as an officer the succeeding year. For some, this process is very easy, but for the Hi-Stepper team, this procedure is grueling.

“It’s the most stressful week of my life,” newly appointed captain, Sage Handley, said.

The week- long tryout consists of things like an interview, a solo performance, and having to learn and perform an extremely challenging routine in less than 24 hours.

“The actual night [of officer tryouts] is a blur,” Handley said.

Although the audition to become a dance officer is exhausting, it is also extremely gratifying.

“All the hard work we put in during the entire year pays off,” Handley said. “I’m very excited [for next year.]”

Not only are the tryouts difficult for the girls auditioning, but also director Tracy Neef.

“[Tryouts] are more than just getting on the floor and dancing, and it’s way more stressful than what people anticipate,” Neef said.

There is never a clear sign of who is going to make a particular position, but a panel of unknown judges helps to decide who will lead the team next year.

“Anything can happen [during tryouts] and it’s never obvious,” Neef said.

Next year’s officer line consists of Sage Handley (captain), Corinne Kelly (1st Lieutenant), Bridget Roberts (senior lieutenant) and Jillian Bohuslav (senior lieutenant.) It is very rare that the team has an officer line of only senior members.

“In our 30-year history, I think we’ve had two officer lines that have only been seniors,” Neef said. “This just means that next year we will have to start with a brand new officer line.”

The Hi-Steppers are looking forward to a great year led by their teammates.

“I think all [the officers] are qualified, and they bring different skills to the table,” Neef said. “That in itself creates new and exciting things.”

Written by Rylee Matousek, Opinion Editor

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