The Spring Konstant Win with Alliance at Brazos Valley Regional in Waco

Yesterday afternoon, The Spring Konstant, the new robotics team, was a part of the winning alliance at the Brazos Valley Regional held in Waco, TX.

The team competed through Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and then the Final matches with their alliance partners Team 3310 (Black Hawk Robotics) and Team 2848 (The All Sparks).
The team members attending include
Jacob Houssian (driver)
Noah Del Angel  (operator)
JD Mogen (coach)
Annaliese VanderMolen (pit lead)
Reid Lohman (pit second)
Igor Derke (pilot)
Julia Arn (runner)
Kendrick Lemmond (strategist)
Erick Galicia (scout lead)
Jakob Peslak
Joe LaRock
Connor Mayer
Sebastian Warder
Mason Bone
Kamal Turner
Kyle Anderson
Alyssa Rodriguez
Johnny Dollard
Jack Rodrigue
Jaron Hernandez
Kevin Wierzbowski
Cael Uzuanis
Koby Krause
Austin Elias
Additional team members:
Emily Hooker
Harrison Hill
Kirby Cathey
Jade Howe
Bailey Polkinghorn
Cole Brownell
Sydney Duleba
Kylie Ballard

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