Girls Varsity Soccer Beats McCallum in First Round of UIL Playoffs

photos by Alex Lunn


The Dripping Springs varsity girls soccer team won round one of playoffs against McCallum 2-0 on March 24 at the new Tiger stadium

Sophomore Jessica Carmichael said it was an amazing feeling to make it to playoffs.

“Playoffs was what we had hoped for from the beginning of the season,” Carmichael said, “and it was the hard work and teamwork that got us there.”

Carmichael said nerves were definitely in play when the game started, but as the game went on, Dripping got more comfortable and played sufficiently as a team.

“The game was pretty tough in the beginning because we didn’t have a rhythm in our passes and we were kind of nervous which made it tougher,” Carmichael said. “Towards the end of the first and definitely in the second half, we played very well together and had more of a rhythm going.”

Freshman on varsity Emma Jones agreed that the game had to be taken seriously.

“When I found out we made it to the playoffs, I was extremely happy but I knew I couldn’t take it lightly because the game might be tough,” Jones said. “Overall, the game against McCallum wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. We played pretty good and I believe we wanted to win more than they did. We fought hard the entire game.”

Since Tiger soccer hasn’t made it to playoffs in a couple years, the team was relieved at the successful outcome of round one.

“When the game ended it was almost like a weight was lifted off my shoulders because we make it through the first round,” Jones said. “Honestly, winning in round one gave me more hope. Overall, winning that game was amazing and our fans were awesome.”

Carmichael says that round two is going to be nerve-racking for her.

“I’ve never been in playoffs before, and I don’t know much about the team we are playing so anything is possible for us at this point,” Carmichael said. “We hope to go into the game ready to destroy them and move on successfully to round three.”

Carmichael said that overall this season has been a fantastic experience for her, as well as the team.

“I love the team and the environment we have going,” Carmichael said. “We all love each other and work well together, and I’ve learned that when we play to our potential we can overcome anything.”

Round two of playoffs is on Friday, March 31 at Alamo Stadium.

“I say we pack the stadium and BE LOUD,” Carmichael said. “It was so loud at the last game, and I want it to be just like that. It was absolutely awesome.”

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