Computer Science (Jad Jadeja)
3rd Place Team
Ryan Gahagan 5th place

Number Sense (John Adams)

Ryan Gahagan 3rd
Rachel Nix 6th
*3rd Place Team
Ready Writing (Karen Tiller)
Hailey Hodsden 1st
Current Events (Kara Kothmann)
Alex Yount 6th
*2nd Place Team
Computer Applications (Jen Riddlebarger)
Rachel Nix 1st
Varun Verma 3rd
Accounting (Todd Raimond)
Varun Verma 6th
*2nd Place Team
Spelling (Sara Freeman)
Michael Martinets 1st
Ken Gossett 3rd
*1st Place Team
Feature Writing (Jessica Stamp)
Katie Haberman 2nd
Social Studies (Kara Kothmann)
*2nd Place Team
Math (Sara Freeman)
Michael Martinets 1st
Rachel Nix 4th
Miles Egger 6th
*1st Place Team
Literary Criticism (Karen Tiller)
Hailey Hodsden 1st
Mariah Chappell 5th
Henri Brink 6th
*1st Place Team
1st place teams and individuals who scored 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will advance to regionals at UTSA on April 8. 2nd place teams are subject to wildcard and will go as alternates.