Lana Del Rey – Discography and Love

Ever since January of 2012, Lana Del Rey has wowed the music audiences of the world with her “debut” album Born to Die (not counting her completely unknown or talked about album Lana Del Ray). Her arguably most popular song ever, Summertime Sadness and its remixes, come from Born To Die.

Other smaller singles such as Born to Die, the flagship song, and Video Games, the lead single, also stem from this critically acclaimed album. Video Game’ chart positions, however, didn’t predict good things for the rest of the album as it only peaked at number 91 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Her follow-up singles were sporadic but also performed better, her highest position ever being Cedric Gerval’s remix of Summertime Sadness, as mentioned earlier.

The album overall sold 7 million copies, being classified as Baroque pop, although this indie genie never really appears in mainstream media besides Lana Del Rey herself.

Her third debut album, Ultraviolence, was received very well by critics, and had the best first week sales of Del Rey’s career to date, but only sold around 1 million copies in its finality. This is 6 million copies less than Born to Die sold.

All of the initial markers pointed to it being an even bigger success than Born to Die, as it debuted at #1 instead of #2 and a majority of its singles appeared in the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart (West Coast, Shades of Cool, Black Beauty, Brooklyn Baby, Ultraviolence).

There were some problems in Del Rey’s production of this album, as she said she initially didn’t want to make another album after Born to Die, but then later changed her mind. This, combined with leaks of demos, and an overall lack of certainty of what she wanted the concept to be lead to a weak launch from the artist personally. Although critics would later praise the album for its coherence in concept.

Next, and most recently, was her album Honeymoon. The critics received it as bringing back some of the Born to Die sounds, while lyrically it also touched on some similar themes such as romance, sadness, and adventure.

The lead single, High by the Beach, debuted at #7 on Billboard but this was later corrected to #51. This album did not break 1 million sales, finalizing around 600,000 sales.

But lately, Lana has been showing us some affection with her latest lead single “Love” for an album that hasn’t dropped yet. The song and interstellar music video is all the masses have to go on for now, but we’re all very excited for the rest of the album to follow.

Commercially, Love has not done as well as other lead singles in the past, but it gathered 19 million views within its first week on Youtube. So it isn’t Vevo certified or anything yet, but that is certainly already quite an accomplishment. Excitement and mystery await LDR’s newest album from all over the world!

Written by Dallas Johnson, staff writer

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