Students Proactive in Developing Life Skills in New Home Ec Club

Front Row: Tabitha Kelley, Samantha Terry, officers; Second Row: Wyatt Camozzi, Parker Atkinson, Kristen Erlon. Photo by PhotoTexas

The sharp doorbell chimes echoed through the hallways signifying the end of the day, and through the mass of students streaming out of classes towards the exits, a few struggle against the tide and trudge deeper into the heart of the school.

These few students are members of the newly revamped Home Economics club founded by juniors Tabitha Kelley and Samantha Terry. The club meets every Wednesday after school in D.120, Jordan Batson’s room from 4:30 to 5:30. First founded mid-November of 2016, the Home Ec. club has gained a significant amount of new members and interest in the past month.

“We came up with the idea the second semester of our sophomore year and thought about it over that summer,” Kelley said. “And we got it up and running during the first semester of this last year, and it’s just now starting to get up on its feet.”

Co-founders Kelley and Terry explained their hopes for the club to expand in the future because of the student’s dire need for a life skills class.

“Tabitha and I both realized that we didn’t know how to do a lot of basic adult things like cooking, cleaning, and taxes,” Terry said. “So we wanted to make a place where people like us could learn all the skills that people need to have a full functioning life.”

The girls decided that they wanted to have a science teacher as a sponsor so that if it were needed, they would have access for some of the science equipment for their lessons.

“Originally I agreed to sponsor the club because Tabitha came to me super excited about this new club that already had a small group of students who were ready to join, so for one I just wanted to support the people involved,” Batson said. “But two, I feel like Home Economics is a huge part of anyone’s life, right? Everyone ultimately has a home, whether it’s an apartment, or a house, or whatever, and if I can help people have a better home life, then yeah I’ll do it.”

In order for the Home Ec. club to teach all of the subjects that the members are interested in, they require certain materials that may not be available in the science labs.

“We have a small budget that the school gives us, and we will ask members of the club to bring in some materials from home,” Terry said. “Next year we will be asking $10 from each club member, and hopefully the administration will take notice and give us more funding.”

Each meeting, Terry and Kelley teach a different lesson that the club members voted for in previous meeting.

“I must admit that Sam does most if not all of the work, but it takes her a lot of time and research,” Kelley said. “We want to know what we are talking about after all. We really want to make sure people are learning what they need to know and that means that we need to know what we are teaching.”

Terry admits that despite all of her research and studying, there are some subjects, such as CPR, that they cannot teach themselves because they would need special certification.

“At some point we’re going to get special guest speakers to lecture us and show us how to perform certain tasks for lessons,” Kelley said.

So far, both students are pleased with the larger turnout of interested students this semester compared to the smaller group earlier this year and continue to work towards teaching the students quality lessons that will help guide them through life.

“We’re at a pretty good point right now. I’m hoping that it will get a little bit larger,” Kelley said. “Though honestly I’m more concerned with people learning valuable lessons that they will need later in life rather than having a huge club.”

But despite the still small number of students, both Batson and the founders remain determined in their hopes for the club to expand and teach students the necessary life skills.

“Hopefully, it can make even a significant impact on a small group at the beginning, but as time goes on, hopefully we can grow the club and as we grow the club we can grow the impact,” Batson said. “We just want people to leave with not just book smarts, but street smarts and home smarts as well so that when they go off on their own they feel that they’ve got a grasp of how their life can work, not just in a high school setting but in a responsible setting.”

With both Terry and Kelley becoming seniors next year, they have mentioned their desire for the club’s continuation after their graduation, and that for the club members to be able to walk away from high school knowing how to live independently.

“Every year the club will nominate two more officers,” Terry said. “And we will teach them how to run the club, which we hope is how the club will continue after we leave.”

Although their hopes for the future of the club run high, it was agreed that it would be extremely beneficial for the students if Home Ec. were to become a part of the school’s available curriculum.

“I think that everyone could use this information,” Kelley said. “And if the school system was willing to make it into a class I feel like much more people would be able to be more independent sooner in their lives.”

Written by Jade Berry, Staff Writer

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