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The plague that is senioritis

Ahh, senioritis. The one thing that teachers hate, students embrace, and parents believe doesn’t exist. Nobody really knows what causes senioritis, but no matter how much you swear that it will never happen to you, it is inevitable that you will eventually start wearing sweatpants to school and forget why you’re even here. The second semester of one’s senior year is prime time to contract the virus. Something happens to the seniors, and simple activities become immensely difficult. The prospect of moving on with our lives seems more tangible than ever, and  we laugh at freshman who are convinced they have senioritis, because, honey, they have another thing coming.

Senioritis comes in many different forms: from forgetting schoolwork to just missing school in general. The time period between the end of spring break and the end of the school year is the most difficult time for seniors. It is the final push before we graduate and leave high school in the past. Any form of homework feels like the biggest struggle in the world. Attempting to work on portfolio takes at least 15 hours of rest and frequent naps in between. Our brains are exhausted and the light at the end of the tunnel seems so close, yet so far away.

I’ve written about senioritis before, but I don’t think anyone can truly understand its effects until you’re experiencing it first hand. But why does senioritis happen? Is it because we are completely over high school and want to be thrown into life on our own? Is it because we are ready for change or are ready to start working? I’ve thought long and hard about the causes of senioritis, and the only conclusion that I can come up with is the fact that there is rarely any work to do, and the need for me to be at school becomes redundant. Most seniors have at least one off-period and many kids have way more than that. Personally, I’m only enrolled in two academic courses, so my workload is close to nothing. On flex days, I find myself participating in a total hour and a half of classwork. It’s hard to feel a need to be at school when you have no work to complete. I hope that seniors now and in the future will be able to overcome the deadly disease that is known as senioritis, and we will all graduate with flying colors.

Written by Rylee Matousek, Opinion Editor

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