Dinner and a Show: Choir at Bistro Night

On both Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25, DSHS Choir had their annual Bistro Night at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church.

“We do either musical theater, music from movies, or lighter jazz,” choir director Tom Gabrielsen said.

Bistro Night provides a change in common choir music to appeal to the public in a fun and light-hearted way.

“Bistro night is a night when the choirs all come together to sing songs for people from musicals,” sophomore Preston Willis said.

Not only is it a concert, there is a certain food element added to the pleasure.

“People enjoy their dinner while the choir provides their entertainment,” Gabrielsen said.

In addition to just being good music, Bistro Night also helps provide for the choir all year long.

“Bistro night really helps us raise funds… and fund the trips we do,” sophomore Emma Minigh said.

Bistro Night aids the choir and provides dinner and a show to paying community members. While helping aid the choir financially, Bistro Night also provides benefits to its performers.

“I think it gives people a chance to really shine,” senior Brynn Johnson said.

Those who wish to are given the opportunity to solo, casting their talents upon the audience.

“It gives me practice on stage in front of an audience. When you’re nervous, it’s a whole new thing,” Johnson said.

The mental game in any performing art is equally as difficult as the physical capacity to perform and can make or break one’s performance, making practice crucial.

The impact the performance has on the audience, through its quality and capacity, also has a tendency to stun both the audience and performers alike.

“I like being able to come together with a lot of different voices to create this one big sound,” Willis said.

The variety of talent at DSHS is shown clearly through the harmonies sung out on Bistro Night.

“[I love] the creativeness that comes out of students and seeing their talent rise. I’m always amazed by the level of talent in our students,” Gabrielsen said.

As a reward for this great talent, Bistro Night was packed.

“We sold out both nights,” Gabrielsen said.

For its extreme success with selling 140 tickets each night, choir spends much time practicing prior to its big nights.

“We spend our time in class practicing all of our musical numbers, then get up there and sing,” Minigh said.

The Dripping Springs High School Choir works unceasingly to provide a fun night of food, music, and talent to its community members, never failing to astound the audience.



Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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