UIL Academics Team Wins Hays Invitational

Both UIL Academics and UIL Speech & Debate won first place overall at the Jack C. Hays UIL Invitational this past weekend. This is the final tournament before District March 25.
Students placing individually and as a team are as follows-
Computer Applications
     Rachel Nix-6th place
Computer Science:  2nd place team
     Ryan Gahagan-3rd place
     Jarod Showacre-5th place
     Keon Williams-6th place
Copy Editing
     Ashleigh McCoy-4th place
     Giselle Galletti-5th
Current Events:  2nd place team
     Alex Yount-3rd place
     Donald Doyle-6th place
Feature Writing
     Giselle Galletti-4th place
Headline Writing
     Katie Haberman-1st place
     Tessa Stigler-3rd place
Literary Criticism:  3rd place team
Math:  1st place team
     Michael Martiniets-1st place
     Rachel Nix-3rd place
     Miles Egger-4th place
News Writing
     Tessa Stigler-3rd place
Number Sense:  2nd place team
     Ryan Gahagan-2nd place
     Rachel Nix-4th place
Ready Writing
     Katie Haberman-4th place
Social Studies: 3rd place team
     Hailey Hodsden-5th place
Spelling:  1st place team
     Michael Martinets-1st place
     Ken Gossett-2nd place

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