Success in near future for girls lacrosse

photo by Federica Rumor

The Dripping Springs girls lacrosse team is kicking off their third season as an official team. The team has participated in Westwood Tuneup, a local lacrosse tournament and played against Bowie on February 8, and Austin High on February 15 so far this season.

Sophomore Isabelle Steele says that she thinks this season will be successful.

“I’ve watched a ton of girls that didn’t even know what lacrosse was at the beginning of the school year make amazing progress and they seem to be really loving the sport,” Steele said. “Although we’ve had some tough spots, we’re doing great!”

The team lost their game against Bowie, but it was said to still be very educational.

“The game against Bowie definitely could’ve gone better,” Steele said. “I learned that I need to practice more and get in better shape. It showed my team and I that we all need to work hard!”

Senior and Wimberley student Felicita Hawes said she was pleased that the team was able to bounce back from the loss against Bowie.

“The lacrosse season has hit the ground running but to be blunt, we still have a long way to go,” Hawes said. “We simply need to continue to be consistent in our improvement and teamwork in both practice and games. So far, I am satisfied, yet we still have a long way to go.”

Hawes has played for multiple teams, but she says that in Dripping Springs, she has noticed the improvement of teamwork.

“It’s no longer a one-man show and never should be,” Hawes said. “After one year, there has been a growth in understanding each other’s playing style and how we work individually. This allows for the greater benefit of teamwork itself which is what many spectators and I have noticed.”

Although improvement still needs to be made, Steele says they are extremely close and play as a whole.

“Everyone on my team is very dedicated to the game,” Steele said. “Everyone is constantly trying to improve their skills and are always wanting to do better. Our team could definitely do better at playing as a team but we have improved a lot and we’re looking good. We all get along really well and we have so much fun together.”

Steele says she thinks the sport goes unnoticed.

“It’s full of amazing people where you make friendships that last a lifetime,” Steele said. “It’s a game full of passion and devotion that whips you into shape and you have fun while doing it. And don’t forget, it’s the fastest sport on two feet!”

Written by Camryn Horst, Staff Writer

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