OPINION: Betsy DeVos Appointment a Threat

Trump’s first few weeks in the acting role as president have already devastated years of work under the Obama administration thanks to his seemingly endless series of executive orders. One of his recent decisions specifically and directly affects students in a hugely negative way. Betsy DeVos has been appointed as the Secretary of Education.

Figures such as Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut immediately spoke out against her and said that all parents should be very concerned. Hours before being appointed as the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos used the, of course, very prevalent threat of grizzly bears attacking schools as a reason not to remove guns from school grounds.

Her policies include privatizing the entire school system and decreasing the attention for education rights for students with disabilities. She is deeply unqualified for this position, as DeVos has also never worked in or attended a public school. Isn’t that interesting? She has no relatability to those who have lost children to gun violence, to those who have mentally disabled children, or those who have had to take out loans for education.

Her position in this job threatens the democratic ideals of the education system, not to mention, the entire teaching profession. The public can do little at this point to fight her, although many in the past have banded together to contact local elected officials to counter her appointment.

She also possesses a record of trying to divert funds to charter schools and private schools alike, trying to portray teaching as a job that is not a career, but is instead a temporary “gig”, and trying to segregate our school systems further.

This means that now, more than ever, we must protect public education against privatization in whatever ways we can, and also acknowledge and spread the truth that teaching

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