The Relationship Ideal Muddled Amongst Teens

One particular element of high school that is always remembered years down the road is the romantic and platonic turmoil (and sometimes success) that occurs during these years of distress. Unfortunately, much of this time is spent simply trying to make oneself more attractive to the crush or hopeful friends, begging the question: What does each gender look for in a relationship (friendly and romantic)?

Before this question can be answered, the real reason for a high school relationship must be evaluated.

“I think it is to explore what a relationship is,” freshman Jane Unger said.

Exploration is definitely one benefit of a relationship, however some students take them with much more weight.

“At this age, it’s thinking you’ll find a forever,” freshman Chase Simpson said.

It is at this age that the idea of a lasting relationship becomes a potential reality; a reality that tends to be sought for, but rarely achieved. One student, after trial and error, came to a different conclusion.

“There’s not one,” sophomore Katherine Bender said.

When asked about friendships, there was a tight consensus.

“A friendship is kind of like a support group,” Unger said.

All the students agreed that a friendship needs to be filled with trust, support, and no drama.

The charts accompanying the article indicate the traits most wanted by guys, girls, and traits wanted by both guys and girls in relationships; however to summarize, both genders look for kindness, compassion, trust, and true realness (no fakers). While each gender has their standards (whether it be for a person of the same sex or opposite sex), there are also common misconceptions between genders, and a general unawareness. In general, guys think girls tend to focus on commonalities in a friendship.

“Someone who is also hating the other person that they hate,” sophomore Mason Bush said.

The key to a relationship for girls seems to be a secret to guys, however.

“I have no idea. I have yet to crack that secret,” Bush said.

On the other hand, girls think guys tend to focus on image.

“I would think mostly appearance,” Unger said.

“Someone they can show off,” Bender said.

Relationships (romantic and platonic) are difficult, however being yourself is always the key to success.

Besides, romantic relationships can be overrated. In plain words, Simpson said, “Everyone needs to have someone.”

Written by Emily Curran, Staff Writer

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