iTell Club Expands Opportunities for English Language Learners

Dripping Springs High School ITELL has been around for a while, and this year the club has been focusing on history and gone on field trips around Texas, celebrating the varying aspects of human life and culture.

“This year, for ITELL, we’ve been focusing on history and so I’ve taken the students on several field trips, each with a different historical focus,” faculty and club sponsor Jane Canales explained.

For those who may not know much about the club, Canales describes ITELL as “a club designed to give students whose first language is not English some support and a sense of community” within the high school.

Most recently, the club traveled to the Bob Bullock museum in Austin to visit the World War II era exhibit, called the State of Deception.

“The exhibit was on Nazi propaganda. So we were able to learn a little lesson on what propaganda is and how it works,” Canales described.

The exhibit features historical artifacts, rare film footage, and first-person interviews. The Bob Bullock museum hopes that the exhibit will serve to explore and explain the effects of Nazi extremism on millions and how we can now work to uncover truth and change the world for the better. However, the State of Deception exhibit wasn’t the only appeal of the Bob Bullock museum for ITELL.

“But, of course, at the Bob Bullock there’s so much to see. So, it also tied in with a previous field trip about early Texas,” Canales explained.

And the year isn’t over for ITELL, Canales also spoke of the future plans for the club, both for the rest of the school year and years to come.

“Later this week, we are going to go see a King Tut exhibit, so we’re changing speed a little bit here,” Canales said. “And our last field trip of the year will probably be about the American Revolution and then for next year we’ll probably totally change direction again.”

No matter what the focus of the next year will be, ITELL will continue to support and provide a sense of community and welcome for many of Dripping Springs High School students.

Written by Olivia Fletcher, Staff Writer

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