Speech and Debate at Claudia Taylor Johnson State Qualifer

After a long day of competition (13 hours in competition) at the Claudia Taylor Johnson Texas Forensic Association State qualifier, DSHS students walked away victorious yet again. Students placing individually include-

Catherine Manning- 1st place – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Max Bibeau- 8th place – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Alexander Silwer- 5th place- Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Julia Roldan- 7th place- Informative Speaking

Max Bibeau- finalist- Congressional Debate

Mason Mohon- finalist- Congressional Debate

Cathering Manning- top speaker award- Public Forum Debate

Catherine Manning and Hunter Tole- quarter finalists- Public Forum Debate

Seeley Haas- semi-finalist- Original Oratory

Colton Larsen- semi-finalist – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Hunter Tole- semi-finalist – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Griffen Smith- semi-finalist – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Seeley Haas- semi-finalist – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

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