Powerlifting 2nd at Hays, 3rd at East View Meets

Hays meet:
Boys 2nd place overall
Matt Hemphill- 1st & best lifter
Zack Reid- 1st
Prescott Remington- 2nd
Zyle Nance- 2nd
Joeseph Guzaldo- 2nd
Cole Cavender- 5th
Camden Beaty- 5th
Kiele Miller- 2nd
Rozalynn Sheppard- 2nd
Georgetown East View:
Boys Team: 3rd
Individual Results:
1st Matt Hemphill
1st Rozalynn Sheppard
2nd Prescott Remington
3rd Hernan Casanova
3rd Zack Reid
4th Connor Ruchti
4th Jake Williamson
4th Miguel Jaime
5th Will Masters

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