‘One Act’ a Send-Up

Every year, the Dripping Springs High School theatre department competes in the UIL One-Act Play competition, performing against hundreds of other schools across Texas, and this year the department is performing The Marowitz Hamlet. “It’s basically the story of Hamlet, but the author has a deep hatred for Hamlet,” Technical Director Mr. Rickman said. Charles Marowitz spent much of his life analyzing Shakespeare’s plays and … Continue reading ‘One Act’ a Send-Up

Setting Up for Success: Maya Clausen

photo by Madison Bonnett Juggling academics along with athletics is no easy feat, but senior Maya Clausen was able to excel at both, and then some.  Tiger volleyball is the pride and joy of DSHS, with Clausen right there front and center leading her team, or right side hitter when referring to her position, to state in the 2015 – 2016 season and then again … Continue reading Setting Up for Success: Maya Clausen

Success in near future for girls lacrosse

photo by Federica Rumor The Dripping Springs girls lacrosse team is kicking off their third season as an official team. The team has participated in Westwood Tuneup, a local lacrosse tournament and played against Bowie on February 8, and Austin High on February 15 so far this season. Sophomore Isabelle Steele says that she thinks this season will be successful. “I’ve watched a ton of … Continue reading Success in near future for girls lacrosse

OPINION: Protect Planned Parenthood

As most are aware, our President has recently signed a bill defunding Planned Parenthood services overseas. This action has facilitated a conversation in which a vast array of people are fighting to eliminate the entire institution from our country, regardless of the numerous services it provides a community. For starters, Planned Parenthood offers a variety of different screenings to help spot or prevent cancer, HIV, … Continue reading OPINION: Protect Planned Parenthood

Teams place at ViperWolf Programming Contest

Two novice teams took part in the annual ViperWolf Programming Contest held at Oracle on Saturday. The contest was in two parts – individual and team. Team 1 was Ryan Gahagan, Keon Williams, Jarod Showacre Team 2 was Kyston Brown, Johnny Dollard, Jason Oliphant, In the individual competition, Gahagan placed 2nd. In the team competition, Team 1 placed 3rd. Team 2, made entirely of freshman, competed against … Continue reading Teams place at ViperWolf Programming Contest

OPINION: Betsy DeVos Appointment a Threat

Trump’s first few weeks in the acting role as president have already devastated years of work under the Obama administration thanks to his seemingly endless series of executive orders. One of his recent decisions specifically and directly affects students in a hugely negative way. Betsy DeVos has been appointed as the Secretary of Education. Figures such as Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut immediately spoke out … Continue reading OPINION: Betsy DeVos Appointment a Threat

OPINION: Triggered

Emotions are powerful things. Often certain words or images trigger different emotions. These immediate primal responses are the result of thousands of years worth of evolution and development. Humans are hardwired to react quickly; it’s what has kept us alive. In a world that is constantly changing, one would think language is constant. This is completely untrue. Words change and develop every day. These changes … Continue reading OPINION: Triggered