Speech and Debate at Banquete

The DSHS Speech and Debate team successfully competed at the Banquete HS Texas Forensic Association’s qualifying tournament this weekend and six students successfully ranked 5th place overall in sweepstakes based on their successful individual accomplishments.

Students placing individually include-

Julia Roldan- 2nd place- Informative Speaking

Jackson Laws- 3rd place- Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jackson Laws- 4th place – Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Alex Silwer- 5th place- Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Mason Mohon- 6th place- Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking

Dylan Farr- 6th place- Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

Mason Mohon- 5th place- Congressional Debate

Dylan Farr- 6th place- Congressional Debate

Alex Silwer- 8th place- Congressional Debate

Julia Roldan and Mason Mohono- semi-finalists- Duet Improv

Mason Mohon- semi-finalist- Impromptu Speaking

Dylan Farr- semi-finalist- Impromptu Speaking

Alex Silwer- semi-finalist- Impromptu Speaking

Cathering Manning- semi-finalist- Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking


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