Upperclassmen Moving On

The beginning of the spring semester at Dripping Springs High School and the upperclassmen are busy preparing for their upcoming plans. Soon the seniors will be walking across the football field to accept their diplomas and the junior class will move on to follow in their footsteps not long after. Deadline after deadline passes and students are more and more prepared to move on with their lives and close this chapter to move on to bright futures.

Many of the juniors and seniors plan to go to college and have big dreams and hopes. Matthew “Hunter” Womack, a junior, has worked incredibly hard throughout high school and will be graduating a full year early. He plans on going to college and is very motivated to succeed and finish out the year strong.

“I want to work as an agent in the Air Force OSI which is basically the Air Force’s version of NCIS,” he said.

Though that is his dream job, Womack identifies as “more of a realist” when setting goals and is very aware of what he is capable of.

“I’d like to get through college without failing,” Womack said. “Get a job, hopefully in the Air Force. Get married, have kids. I haven’t exactly found a soul mate so pretty much the only work I’ve put into these goals would be actually trying… in high school. Also talking to people about how to get into the OSI and pararescue, which is what I’m hoping to do first.”

Jacob Duran, a junior, hopes to find success in the tech world though Developing Video Games. Duran is on the varsity League of Legends team which recently went to state and finished top ten. The pro-gamer hopes to incorporate his passion for gaming into his career and even plans on getting scholarships through the platform.

“[I’m] definitely a dreamer… I spend as much time as possible making videos, improving my gaming skills and trying new, innovative things”

In fact, Duran was the 3rd high school student to ever record a video in 360. He 3D printed a casing that held 6 GoPro cameras to film from all directions. He then stitched the videos together using the software provided by Mr. Mercer in the Audio Visual Technology room. He hopes that maybe someday, using innovation like this, he’ll be able to create something to make the world a better place.

“I want to do as much as I physically can do to better the world before the inevitability of death,” Duran said.

Senior, Victoria Rios hopes to go to either University of Colorado-Boulder or University of Texas. She has applied to both and eagerly awaits responses and she continues to focus on her current school work and maintaining her high GPA. She is passionate about school but know that in order to stay happy and healthy, balance is key.

“I’m really into chemistry and science and math,” Rios said. “Chemical Engineering at NASA is my dream and that requires a lot of hard work but I also really like going outside and relaxing and reading. Oh, and I laugh a lot. I like to think I’m pretty entertaining. Obviously I have really big goals that are difficult to achieve but I do like to keep myself open to opportunities. I like to think reasonably when thinking about what I can accomplish.”

Rios has remained focused throughout high school and continued to put in 100 percent effort into each of her classes. She applied this mentality to not only her grades but also her hobby, swimming.

“I’m really proud to have the class rank and GPA that I do because that’s been really important to me,” Rios. ” Also staying in swim all four years was great because it’s so easy to lose motivation when you’re in the pool at 6:30 in the morning and it’s 35 degrees outside. After all of this I really just want to graduate college, get my dream job, maybe work at NASA. I want to live a good and full life.”

Written by Clara Comparan


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