From Tumblr to Webcomics: Cartoonist Inspires Through Digital Media

Many students all over have taken to doodling on homework or scribbling stick men on assignments but for Dami Lee, this developed into a passion. Dami Lee is a comic artist in New York, NY and has done countless works for Buzzfeed and Line Webtoon. She began creating comics and drawing at a young age as a way of self expression.  

“Creativity doesn’t happen overnight. It’s more of a thing you have to incorporate into your lifestyle,” Lee said. “I started drawing because I’m a naturally shy person and I like the idea of communicating my thoughts out on paper.”

Early on in her drawing works she found inspiration in other comic artists such as Nicholas Gurewitch, the creator of the Perry Bible Fellowship.

“It’s one of the best webcomics out there!” Lee said.  

Lee began posting comics on Tumblr in 2009 but only started posting more regularly this last year. She now has a huge following not only on Tumblr but Instagram as well. With 56.5k followers Dami Lee has developed quite a following of comic readers and it is quite obvious to see why. Inspiration for many of her comics come from pop culture and social media.

“My last few comics have been about Instagram which I am pretty obsessed with,” Lee said.

Being so well known in the webcomic community has allowed Lee to connect with many other brilliant creatures such as Adam Ellis, the creator of Books of Adam, another popular comic series.

“The webcomics community is full of funny, smart, charming artists who I love and cherish very much!” Lee said.

Alongside Lee’s freelance comics and illustrations, she is also working with The Verge, a tech and culture site.

“I guess I’m kind of pursuing art and also a career in digital media. I love both and they’re a perfect fit for me!” Lee said.

Hopes for the future include one day producing a book of her own works. Till then Lee will continue making her witty comics and making her followers laugh. Her work took many years to develop so for those who are looking to pursue art or any other profession, Lee says: “Done is always better than perfect.”

Written by Jade Howe

Follow @dami_lee on Twitter and Instagram


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