OPINION: Misguided Matchmaking

Getting handed the school generated ‘matchmakers’ quiz was an exciting moment, and I looked forward to seeing who I would be paired with. I am a huge quiz junkie, as I am usually on BuzzFeed taking one of their quizzes. However, much to my disappointment, I realized that this quiz was very heteronormative and disregarded students in the LGBTQA+ community.

For starters, in the introductory paragraph, it clearly stated that quiz takers would be paired “with a member of the opposite sex”. This statement alone shuts down the idea or even the possibility that students might have different sexual orientations. I would hope that after all the progress this country has made with accepting same-sex couples, it would be common courtesy to include them in this romantical test.

I understand that the makers of this questionnaire are more than likely heterosexual, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less disrespectful to create something that was given to the entire school without bothering to consider the preference of a decent portion of the student body. And while I understand that this was probably meant to be a quick and fun time filler to create some excitement for Valentine’s Day, it has created a big debacle between students.

Sexual orientation is something very personal, and it varies for every person respectively. In some cases, students already feel excluded from activities due to their sexual orientation; whether it be at school, at home, or anywhere else where they are considered the minority. It’s detrimental to include them in basic student activities, so as not to create a rift between heterosexual students and the rest of the student body.

Another point that has been stuck in my mind since receiving this quiz is the fact that the very first question asks the gender of the taker. If everyone in the school was in fact heterosexual, this wouldn’t be a problem and the result process would run much more smoothly. However, this isn’t the case. This question only further ignores the transgender, gender fluid, or non-binary students in the school.

As far as I am aware, Dripping Springs has already had two “controversial” issues regarding transgender students at the high school and the elementary school. Gender identity is once again something that depends on the person themselves, and it is offensive to assume that someone is strictly male or female, or what role someone’s gender plays in their sexual orientation.

For future reference, it would be much quicker and inclusive if the first question had simply been, “Do you prefer: *boys *girls *both?” This would effectively shut down the heteronormative thinking that this quiz seemed to express, it would match students with others who actually fit their preference, and completely remedy the old belief that your gender enforces your sexual preference.  Who you are and who you like depends solely on you, and it’s about time that people recognize that everyone is different.

Written by Jade Berry

Staff Writer

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