Creating their way to success

On February 25, 2017, students from Dripping Springs High School will have their artwork judged at the Regional VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event), and potentially move on to state. They will be judged on their originality, precision and expertise, comprehension of state visual art concepts, and the ease of interpreting the intent of the art piece. Because of this, the competition will not be easy.

“We’ve always had at least one state each year, so I’m hoping we get there again,” said junior Cayla Gills.

Dripping Springs Students have a tendency to succeed, and that does not change in the realm of art.

“I expect a lot of us to get fours and some of us to go to state,” said junior Morgan Dunham.

At the regional level, art is judged on a scoring scale from one to four, one meaning below average and four meaning superior.

“We have a lot of experienced teachers and a lot of good materials,” said sophomore Royce Heflin.

As many of the programs at DSHS are, art is well run and thoroughly enjoyed by its students. When it comes to preparation, Dripping Springs delivers quality through its hard work until the end.

“We got the assignment in November, and have been working for a really long time,” said sophomore Vasi Bjeletich.

Because of the long time spent preparing, the artists at Dripping Springs are able to create pieces that are different from others in the region and state.

“We have a unique kind of style since we’re west of Austin. We have some of the Austinite culture, but we are also separate from them and have a bit of our own,” said Heflin.

In addition to being unique, artists collect their inspiration for VASE from all areas in their lives.

“[I get my inspiration from] anything I’m doing; any other curricular activities, any type of entertainment,” said senior Bryce Crane.

Although the Dripping Springs artists are destined for success, they would still like to see more participants in following years.

“I hope that through the next couple years, more people participate in Vase because it is a good learning experience,” said Dunham.

Wish VASE competitors good luck as they prepare for their regional competition and soon state!



Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

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